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The unique fun of City Day's 'after hours'

A third-grader adds a sprinkle of catnip to a homemade chew toy. A fifth-grader strums an E chord on his guitar. Multiple students wait to be "sorted" by a talking hat.

Welcome to Chicago City Day School's After-School Program! 

Each semester, City Day offers an eclectic array of activities that students can enjoy after the final bell of the day rings. These activities, most of them led by City Day teachers, give students the chance to explore interests that lie outside of the regular school curriculum.

The winter 2024 offerings include guitar lessons; ice skating (on City Day's campus rink, weather permitting!); "Helping Hands," a class in which students build useful household items; French baking; and a class in all things Harry Potter, among others.

The After-School Program at City Day underscores our commitment to engage and inspire children in a variety of ways. 

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