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Science Fair a celebration of learning

Science Fair a celebration of learning

Baseball bats, decaying teeth, and cracked eggs all were part of the annual Science Fair at Chicago City Day School. 

Students in senior kindergarten through sixth grade presented projects that explored scientific phenomena through experiments. The students selected their own topics and developed the experiments themselves. One student tried to find the perfect bat to use to hit a home run. Another observed the effect of different types of soft drinks on teeth. Still another presented information about constructing a zinc-air battery.

Seventh-graders, meanwhile, participated in the traditional Egg Drop, where they designed and built protective devices meant to keep eggs from breaking when dropped from a high distance. The project introduces students to the basic principles of engineering and physics, encouraging them to explore concepts like force and momentum. Results of this year’s drops were, well, varied. (There were three egg "survivors.")

Science Fair encourages students to direct their own learning, and it underscores the value of repetition and close observation in scientific inquiry. The noncompetitive event also builds students' public-speaking skills, a key emphasis of City Day's curriculum. It is striking to see how confidently the students presented their projects.

See more photos from Science Fair below. And visit us on Facebook or Instagram to see a video about the grade 7 Egg Drop. 

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