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City Day Class of 2022 headed to top high schools

Members of Chicago City Day School’s Class of 2022 have earned acceptance to a slate of excellent independent, parochial, and selective-enrollment public high schools. All of our graduating students will go on to their "first-choice" schools.

“As ever, we are exceptionally proud of our eighth-graders for how they have navigated this process and achieved their goals,” Head of School Chris Dow said. 

City Day devotes considerable resources to helping graduating students find, and gain acceptance to, high schools that best match the students' particular goals and interests.

Our robust high school placement program begins with an information session, which provides a general overview of the program at City Day.

During a fall High School Night, eighth-graders receive information about admissions to public, parochial, and independent schools. They also get to hear from City Day graduates who attend  schools throughout the Chicago area.

The program is all about matching students with schools that are the right fit for them. Nancy Bowman City Day Teacher

Eighth-graders take a test-preparation class, through which they can develop strategies for the upcoming entrance exams. Students review other aspects of the admissions process, too — application forms, face-to-face interviews/shadow days, how to write a compelling personal essay, and more. 

Finally, City Day’s high school placement team provides individual counseling sessions to eighth-graders and their parents, helping the families refine their search and successfully apply to schools.

"The program is all about matching students with schools that are the right fit for them," said Nancy Bowman, a City Day teacher and member of the high school placement program. “We act as advocates for the students and as partners with their families.”

City Day’s eighth-graders were incredibly successful in their high school searches this year. All earned admission to their first-choice schools, and some achieved perfect scores on the Chicago Public Schools Selective Enrollment admissions test. 

“The results speak for themselves and are a testament to the students’ hard work and readiness for the next step of their academic careers,” Mr. Dow said.

City Day, founded in 1981, was designed to serve an elementary-school population. School leaders believe that after eighth grade, young people have reached a point in their development where they are uniquely prepared for brand new experiences in high school — a transition that itself builds important problem-solving skills. 

City Day congratulates the Class of 2022 and wishes all of our graduates future success in high school and beyond!

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