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City Day's tech class gets students making

One of Chicago City Day School's signature learning spaces is the Shorey Shop, home to the school's "tech" classes. Just a few weeks into the school year, the Shop has been very busy.

To give a couple of recent examples:  Our second-graders built simple circuits using clay, wires, and LED lights, while our eighth-graders began constructing small racer cars powered by hand-crank generators.

These and other projects students complete in tech class inspire them to be creative designers, innovators, and problem-solvers. In the Shorey Shop, students use a variety of age-appropriate tools — paintbrushes, circuit boards, and, for older students, saws and soldering guns — to make their ideas come to life. 

City Day's tech program begins in junior kindergarten and continues through eighth grade, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to embody the "maker" spirit!

See photos from recent eighth-grade and second-grade tech classes below. 

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