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City Day in the news: Matching students with the right high school

City Day in the news: Matching students with the right high school

Chicago City Day School believes our JK-through-grade-8 model provides the best opportunity for student discovery and growth. And we place a high priority on helping students about to complete their City Day journeys find the high schools that best fit their interests and goals. 

Eighth-graders at Chicago City Day School talk work together during a high school placement class.

The high school placement program at City Day includes a thorough test-preparation class that guides eighth-graders as they prepare for high school entrance exams. The program also helps students with application essays, shadow days, admissions interviews, and more. 

Chicago Parent magazine has published an article about our program; it includes quotations from Head of School Chris Dow and from Becky Ballard, a parent of two City Day alumni.

Our high school placement program removes the burden of navigating the complex process from the parents and ensures that students are left with top quality choices for high school. Chris Dow Head of School

The interview role-playing our children did for those schools requiring in-person interviews prepared them to confidently and maturely represent themselves, and it supplemented the strong foundation of public speaking that City Day provided every year. Becky Ballard Former City Day parent

Those quotations point to what make City Day's high school placement program so important — it simplifies what can be a very difficult process and it sharpens skills students can use not just to get into a high school, but also to succeed once there.

To read the full Chicago Parent article, click the button below. 

High School Placement Article

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