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Arbor Day activities focus on trees and more

The role that trees play in keeping the planet healthy was just part of what drove Chicago City Day School students during the school's annual observance of Arbor Day.

Students also reflected on nature as a whole — the different types of living things that call Earth home and how they depend on one another. 

Arbor Day activities are a tradition at City Day. All students participated on April 28. Some planted flowers in one of the school's gardens; others observed the insects, birds, and even fish that can be found on and near campus; while still others planted herbs in the pollinator garden.

Throughout the day, teachers sparked discussions with students about the benefits that trees (and other plants) provide to humans and the earth in general. They talked about how trees release oxygen into the atmosphere, provide habitats for multiple living things, offer protection from sun and heat, and more. 

Arbor Day activities at City Day build school spirit and community, while also giving students a chance to apply what they learn in science class about plant life, animal life, and the environment to the real world. Thanks to the teachers who organized this full day of activities! 

See additional photos from the day below. 

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