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The JK-8 Experience

Preparing students for success in high school, college, and beyond

Our son has been a City Day student for 10 years. He is exceedingly well prepared — academically, socially and emotionally— for high school, and we all feel so lucky to have been a part of such a special community. There really is no other school in the city like it! Jean City Day parent

At Chicago City Day School, we believe the JK-through-grade-8 school model offers an ideal experience of discovery and growth. It gives students a chance to establish roots in our community as early as 4 years old. It allows students in grade 6 and up to be true leaders on campus and act as mentors to the younger grades.

City Day's model prepares students for brand new experiences in high school — a transition that builds confidence, strengthens character, and equips students with skills they need to succeed at the university level and beyond. 


Discovery and play: The journey begins in junior and senior kindergarten, where students establish new friendships and develop the foundational skills that support a lifetime of learning. Play is a key component of our program — students build narratives, collaborate with each other, communicate, and hone fine-motor skills. Our teachers ignite each student's innate love of discovery.


Deepening knowledge: In grades 1 through 5, students engage with topics of ever-increasing complexity. They begin to take ownership of their learning, building skills in core academic subjects as well as drama, art, music, and either Spanish or French. Students work together, express themselves, and participate in experiential learning activities outside the school building. 

The JK-8 experience is the foundation of a child’s education. It’s the time to build not just strong academics, but self-confidence. My sons get all of that at Chicago City Day School. Frank City Day parent


Making their mark: Starting in grade 6, our students ask deeper questions and assume leadership roles on campus. Through our service learning program and immersive trips overseas, students apply what they learn to real-world situations, developing a sense of the responsibility that comes with being an active member of society. They also begin to mentor their younger City Day peers.


Ready for new challenges: By the time City Day students reach the end of grade 8, they are ready to tackle new challenges, work in new environments, collaborate with new people. The start of high school presents a natural point of change for young people. Historically, our graduates have navigated that transition with poise and confidence, honing their leadership skills and resiliency even further.