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Research in Bimini

Transformative environmental work overseas

In what they often proclaim to be a life-changing experience, City Day students have the unique opportunity each summer to research marine habitats in the Bahamas aboard a Shedd Aquarium vessel. 

The program gives our young scientists an unparalleled opportunity to apply scientific research techniques — observation, data collection, documentation — in a stunning natural environment. It also connects them to actual scientists whose work is changing the world.

  • Qualified students travel with City Day faculty and Shedd personnel to the Bimini region
  • They spend one week aboard the Aquarium’s research vessel, Coral Reef II, working on coral reef and habitat assessmen, as well as beach restoration.
  • We  began our relationship with the Shedd Aquarium and Reef Check (UCLA) in 2005.
  • City Day is currently the only organization monitoring the coral reefs off the coast of Bimini. 

Data gathered by City Day students have been incorporated by noted oceanographer and environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau in his work to conserve coral reefs around the world. The Bimini trip is a highlight of the City Day experience for participating students.

City Day students and scientist identify parts of a fish
A City Day student explores coral reefs in the Bahamas
City Day students set up netting on the beach during the Bahamas trip
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Underwater shot of City Day student among coral reefs in the Bahamas
CCDS service learning in Bimini
City Day students work on beach restoration in the Bahamas
City Day student explores coral reefs under water

Being able to travel to Bimini allowed to me to experience a beautiful habitat and conduct research that was inspiring and unlike anything I had ever participated in before.  

Aly City Day graduate


Underwater shot of City Day students in the water in Bimini