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Immersion Trips

Developing greater understanding through travel

At Chicago City Day School, we want our students to explore the world. That's why we have created opportunities for focused learning experiences in the Midwest, around the country, and overseas.

The highlights of our travel program are the weeklong immersion trips that sixth-graders take to Spanish- and French-speaking areas outside the United States.

  • In recent years, our students traveled to Nantes, France, and Madrid, Spain.
  • Previous groups have traveled to Costa Rica and French-speaking areas in Canada.
  • During these trips, students not only deploy the language skills they've developed in our French and Spanish classes, but they also gain new insight into the history, people, and cultures that are connected to those languages.
  • Students acquire a more nuanced view of the world and their place in it.

City Day students have other travel opportunities, too.

  • Seventh-graders explore rock formations in Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo, Wisconsin.
  • Our seventh-graders also visit Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, for an intensive weeklong STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) experience.
  • In eighth grade, students supplement their inquiries into American history and government with a trip to Washington D.C. and surrounding areas.

All of these experiences bring our students' classroom work to life in a vivid new way, while also building camaraderie and leadership skills that students bring back to their home campus. 

City Day student pose on the steps of a European museum
Overhead shot of City Day students on a street in Nantes France
City Day students look at paintings in Nantes France
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City Day student rides the gravity wheel at Space Camp in Alabama
City Day students pose near rock formations in Baraboo, Wisconsin
City Day students in Spain during an Immersion Trip
City Day seventh-grade girl experiences weightlessness at Space Camp

The travel experiences have been incredible for giving my son hands-on learning. He met and shared experiences with students in Madrid, which really helped him deepen his language skills. All of the travel was beneficial to gain first-hand knowledge of what they were learning in their classrooms. Samantha City Day Parent