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Physical Education

We build physical, intellectual, and emotional skills for a lifetime

The School’s physical education classes go beyond the playing of games (though playing is a big part of it). Our teachers also promote lifetime fitness and wellness skills while stressing important character traits like teamwork

The School’s facilities include two state-of-the-art gymnasiums and ample outdoor recreation spaces. Physical education classes for kindergartners meet two times a week; classes for students in grades 1 through 8 meet four times weekly.

During class, students learn the specific fundamentals of games like basketball and volleyball in an inclusive, nurturing environment. Along the way, students become more aware of lifestyle choices, including the value of exercise, and how those affect their overall health. Students also learn how to work together as a team, a vital skill that applies to projects they complete throughout the curriculum. 

City Day fifth-grader cheers a hit in gym class

In the upper grades, participation on age-appropriate intramural teams offers additional opportunities for skill building, enhanced self-esteem, and good sportsmanship. City Day also provides competitive sports programs for students interested in deploying their skills on the field or court.