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We challenge students. We inspire students. We support students. The academic program at Chicago City Day School encourages our students to see the world, and themselves, in new ways. 

The City Day Approach

Our program is both rigorous and compassionate.

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Core Classes

The foundation of the City Day curriculum.

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Curriculum Highlights

Examples of how our curriculum inspires students.

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World Languages

Study of Spanish or French starts early at City Day.

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"The academic program at Chicago City Day School is outstanding. The teachers are amazing and always seem to find creative ways to make learning exciting and fun. The small environment has not only nurtured my children but has also helped them to develop confidence outside of the classroom." Amy City Day Parent

Technology & Design

We integrate technology in purposeful ways.

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The Arts

See how our students express themselves.

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Physical Education

Skill, fitness, and teamwork.

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The heart of our academic community.

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