The Chicago City Day School places the highest priority on developing in all its students ease and comfort in public speaking. In a world where fear of speaking in public is often cited as the #1 phobia, glossophobia does not exist at the Chicago City Day School. Committed to the notion that the world will belong to the people who can defend their ideas verbally, as well as in writing, the School gives all children ample opportunities so that, by the time they graduate from the School, they will emerge as confident, self-assured public speakers.

It is in the first grade when children make the first of three formal speeches. From first through seventh grade, students present their science fair projects. Eighth graders give presentations at the Friends of the Chicago River’s Annual Student River Congress.

Participation in drama productions and operetta performances provides all students the opportunity to experience speaking and singing in front of audiences.

Culminating at the eighth grade commencement, every member of the graduating class delivers a significant speech.