Language Arts

In keeping with its commitment to the tenets of sound child development theory, the School recognizes that not all children learn to read at the same time. Some children enter kindergarten as accomplished readers; others begin to read at a more traditional time. To accommodate these differences, a commitment to differentiated instruction characterizes the teaching of reading throughout the grades.

Reading is taught using a multi-faceted approach. In the primary grades, a distinct phonics curriculum strengthens decoding skills. Integral to the reading program is a variety of texts that ensure sequential skills development. Selection of age-appropriate literature completes this balanced approach to reading instruction.

The School places a high premium on verbal communiction and public speaking. Students have daily opportunities to develop strong listening and speaking skills.

The School is committed to the teaching of handwriting. Proficiency in both manuscript and cursive is expected, as is the acquisition of appropriate accuracy in spelling.

Composition is taught and practiced daily; the strong writing program continues throughout the grades as students develop a personal writing voice.