Fine Arts

The fine arts program at the Chicago City Day School includes the three disciplines: art, drama, and music. All three subjects are considered an essential part of the curriculum and enjoy the respect and support of the entire school community.


The visual arts program adds an important aesthetic dimension to the students' world. Art is created in an experimental, developmental, and non-judgmental environment. Students are exposed to a wide range of artistic materials, processes, and ideas. Small class sizes encourage interaction between student and teacher.

The School's visual arts program draws upon the rich array of Chicago's resources. Visits to the many art museums and galleries and tours of neighborhoods characterized by significant architecture and sculpture are prime destinations for field trips.

Students' paintings, ceramics, drawings, and sculptures are displayed throughout the campus where they enhance the aesthetic ambiance of the School.


The drama program provides all students from junior kindergarten through grade eight a teamwork experience, integrating their ideas, feelings, and imagination into a positive, creative art form. Critical thinking and appropriate emotional and physical expression combine to meet individual needs and the goals of group performances.

Starting in grade one and continuing throughout their years at City Day, all children participate in major dramatic performances. Traditionally, grades one and two present a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving. Integrated into the social studies curriculum, third graders perform a play about the history of Chicago. A December holiday production is performed by fourth and fifth graders. In conjunction with the School’s music program, sixth graders perform a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. A highlight of the eighth graders' year is their participation in a full-length dramatic production.


The music program includes the teaching of all aspects of music: performing, theory, history, and listening to selections of music of various styles. Field trips are an integral part of the curriculum. Children are frequent attendees at performances by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Lyric Opera.

Students spend the majority of their class time making music. Once a week, all first through eighth graders join together in a spirit-building all-school sing. All students perform in a holiday concert in December and a spring concert in early May. In addition, students participate in operettas and other musical stage productions. Sixth graders present a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. All seventh and eighth graders are members of the School's bell choirs. In making music together the students develop a love of music and a respect for each other, stressing the need for cooperation rather than competition.