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CCDS student studies on campus
Growing. Learning. Caring.
City Day students and teachers skate on the campus ice rink
Two City Day students play with bubbles in one of our outdoor learning spaces

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Chicago City Day School seeks to develop each child’s intellectual abilities in a nurturing environment.

At City Day, we offer a challenging academic program in a supportive and kind school climate. Our curriculum combines the best of traditional academics with innovative learning experiences. We prize intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, risk taking, joy in discovery, and the realization that learning is a lifelong experience.


City Day's librarian helps two students find books

an academic approach built on

Rigor and Kindness

Chicago City Day School holds students to high standards, AND we provide the encouragement and support students need to meet those challenges. Our program is uniquely rigorous and compassionate. 

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The academics at Chicago City Day School are outstanding.  The small class environment, innovative teaching, and challenging curriculum inspire confidence and a love of learning. Chicago City Day School is truly a special place.  

carolynCity Day Parent

City Day seventh-graders paint model cars in tech class
A City Day student speaks about his Science Fair project in front of the class

an emphasis on

Public Speaking

All students at City Day speak in front of an audience multiple times during their tenure with us. Public speaking gives students the confidence to defend their ideas and develop new ones. It enables students to think critically, develop logical arguments, and change course when presented with new information. These are skills our graduates use in high school, college, and beyond.

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The emphasis on public speaking begins in kindergarten via in-class speeches, science fair presentations, and the drama program. It has really helped my son, who is more of an introvert, feel comfortable speaking in front of groups — an invaluable skill to have in life!Samantha City Day Parent

A Chicago City Day School student recites an original poem in front of class
CCDS public speaking
City Day students stand together in the Chicago River after a day of monitoring water quality

a program for

Service Learning

Classroom learning comes alive in a vivid way when applied to real-world problems and situations. City Day's service learning program sends students to the natural environments along the Chicago River and the coral reefs found in the Bimini region of the Bahamas. Students use the skills they acquire in science class to conduct meaningful research and help improve the world.

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What I like about service learning at City Day is that it shows students how they can use what they learn in the classroom to bring about change in the real world. That's a powerful thing for a young person to discover.

Lindsay CIty Day Parent

City Day students sawing down buckthorn trees near the Chicago River
CCDS service learning in Bimini
City Day students work on the Mac computers in the computer lab

a design-oriented

Tech Education Program

In an ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated age, students must bring a design mindset to the use of technology, so they can develop solutions to next-generation challenges. We provide students with the tools they need to imagine, create, and build. 

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There has not been a greater gift that we could have given our children than the well-rounded, integrated academic/personal experience at City Day. The tech program is the only one of its kind and plays a big part in rounding out their education.  Where else can you learn about how things work these days?Sara and Blake City Day Parents

A City Day student builds a model lighthouse in tech & design class
City Day students work on an activity by the campus's koi pond

built on a

2-Acre Campus

Our urban campus includes bright, friendly classrooms; fully equipped science and tech centers; and numerous outdoor learning spaces, including a greenhouse, an ice rink and an 8,000-gallon koi pond. As one student said: "It's the kind of school you don't ever want to go home from."

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For me, one of the unsung parts of the City Day experience is the campus. My son gets to learn in a rich variety of spaces and environments, from the colorful Shorey Shop, to the koi pond outside, to the tech room across the street. Amazingly, all these spaces are located in a vibrant Chicago neighborhood not far from downtown.
Matthew City Day Parent

Three City Day students enjoy the play equipment on campus
Greenhouse at CCDS

Dedicated, Passionate


The teachers at City Day bring exceptional levels of wisdom, expertise, passion, creativity, and kindness to our classrooms every day. They are experts at differentiated instruction, ensuring that every student feels heard, engaged, and inspired.

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The teachers are dedicated and caring and really know how to reach each child. I love that the teachers know all the children at the school, which really creates an atmosphere of warmth and belonging.

Samantha City Day parent

City Day's tech teacher explains a project to students
City Day's science teacher answers a question posed by a student


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